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Le Gateau Victoire au Chocolat, Mousseline (Julia Child)

A Julia Child Chocolate mousse dessert cake - (gluten free) -Serves 10

Supplies & Ingredients

Tb instant coffee
4 Tb hot water
4 TB Hidden Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon
14 ounces (400 g) semisweet baking chocolate
2 ounces (6o g) unsweetened baking chocolate
6 "large" eggs
1/2 cup (1oo g) sugar

1 cup (1/4 L) heavy or whipping cream, chilled
1Tb pure vanilla extract
Confectioners sugar

Equipment-A 10-cup (2 1/2-L) cake pan, preferably with nonstick lining, buttered, bottom lined with buttered wax paper, and floured; an electric mixer with round-bottomed bowl or a handheld mixer or a large whisk and a metal bowl of the same type

Preheat oven to 35o°F/18o°C and place rack in lower-third level. Prepare cake pan. Choose a roasting pan large enough tohold cake pan easily, fill with enough hot water to come halfway up cake pan, and set in oven. Assemble all ingredients and equipment.

Swirl the coffee and hot water in a medium-size saucepan, add the wine, and break up the chocolate into the pan. Bring 2 inches (5 cm) of water to the boil in a larger pan, remove from heat, and set chocolate pan in it; cover and let the chocolate melt while you continue with the recipe.

Break the eggs into the beating bowl, add the sugar, and stir over hot water for several minutes until eggs are slightly warm to your finger—this makes beating faster and increases volume. Then beat for 5 minutes or more, until mixture has at least tripled in volume and forms a thick ribbon when a bit is lifted and falls from the beater; the eggs should he the consistency of lightly whipped cream. (You must have beating equipment that will keep the whole mass of egg moving at once,meaning a narrow rounded bowl and a beater that circulates about it continually.)

Pour cream into a metal mixing bowl. Empty a tray of ice cubes into a larger bowl, cover them with cold water, then set the cream bowl into the larger ice-filled bowl. Beat with a handheld mixer or large balloon whisk, using an up-and-down circular motion to whip in as much air as possible, until cream has doubled in volume and holds its shape softly. Whip inthe vanilla.
Beat up the melted chocolate with a whisk; it should be smooth and silky. Scrape it into the egg-sugar mixture, blending rapidly with a rubber spatula, and when partially incorporated, fold in the whipped cream, deflating cream and eggs as little as possible. Turn batter into prepared cake pan, which will be about two-thirds filled. Set it at once in the pan of hot water in the preheated oven. Cake will rise some 1/8 inch ( 1/2 cm) above edge of pan, and is done when a skewer or straw comes out clean—after about 1 hour of baking. Then turn off oven, leave oven door ajar, and let cake sit for 30 .minutes in its pan of water, so that it will sink evenly. Remove from oven, still in its pan of water, and let sit for another 3o minutes so that it will firm up before unmolding and serving. Cake will sink down as it cools to about its original volume.

This cake is at its most tender and delicious when eaten slightly warm; however, you
may cook it even a day or two in advance,leave it in its pan (covered when cool, and
refrigerated), then set it in a 2oo°F/95°C oven for 2o minutes to warm gently.

The cake can be made in the morning, or even the day before, but don't unmold it. Half
an hour before dinner, warm it (if you wish) to tepid (see recipe), and unmold it just before
you call in your guests.





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