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March 28, 2014
We would like for you to send us photos of you enjoying HIdden Ridge with your favorite people and places. We will share the fun and post them in our photo gallery in the "Friends" section.

Send pictures to casidy@hiddenridgevineyard.com

We look forward to receiving your photos


March 27, 2014
Pane e Vino is a Scottsdale favorite for - Great Italian Food, Great Service and Hidden Ridge on the wine list. What more could you ask for? Owners Stuart & Jillian Bailey are there nightly to ensure everyone is having a wonderful time. Tell them we sent you and we said Hello!

8900 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd., Scottsdale, AZ


June 24, 2013
Hidden Ridge happenings: The past rainy season started with moderate rain in November and torrential rains in December that rushed in torrents down the mountain gullies at Hidden Ridge in haste for the valleys below without effectively recharging our wells. Then it stopped. January was dry allowing early pruning and the good weather continued into February and then March. Finally in late March steady well recharging rains returned and brought our reservoir above the panic level and these rains continued into mid April. That was pretty much it for the rainy season proper, although several ¼ to ½" storms have come through to keep the vine's leaves happy. Early pruning lead to early budbreak and with growing degree days up to 30% above the five year mean the vines got off to a fast start. Flowering and fruit set were also early. Early indications are that this year may repeat last year's wonderful wine weather with lots of bright sunny days that are not too hot. We have a "new" vineyard team that is really a crew of Hidden Ridge veterans. Juan, our foreman, worked here nine years during the construction and planting. He knows the vineyard in his bones. Anastacio, our "green" farming guru also worked here for several years in the past. We have a new pump system, a block budded over to Chardonnay, a team qualified to deal with the difficult conditions that make mountain grapes special, and high hopes for 2013.